We believe every handbag designer deserves the chance to make their work known. Because trendsetting leather accessories shouldn’t be limited to 100 year old fashion houses and other Big Name Brands.  

Handbag retailers are also hungry for new styles to keep their collections fresh and their customers coming back. Imagine you could stock your shelves with ideas from designers around the world. Where would you begin? From what country? In what style? For which season? 

Alas, if only it were so simple. For handbag designers, the reality is that while crafting products by hand takes time, most factories that can produce these designs mostly accept high volume orders - a business model that favours big companies and leaves both independent designers and retailers with limited options. 

Using our small-batch, low MOQ manufacturing process, we want to empower aspiring handbag designers to produce and push their ideas into the market at a realistic cost. In doing so, we want to give designers the flexibility to discover which products their customers will love. 

We also want to provide handbag retailers with a fresh injection of style, starting with some gorgeous new additions coming soon in April.

Through our online platform, we connect independent designers and retailers from the world over to sell their best work and source products that customers cannot find anywhere else.

An entire world of undiscovered fashion talents and tastes await – and we invite you to embark with us on this exciting journey!


About the payment... 

We accept Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), PAYPAL


About the shipping methods...

International courier, LCL by sea or air



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